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Single Axis & Dual Axis Trackers

Discover Valsa’s range of single-axis and dual-axis solar trackers designed to maximise power generation from your solar panels. Our advanced tracking systems ensure optimal sunlight exposure throughout the day, enhancing the efficiency of your solar installation. Explore our high-quality solutions and unlock the full potential of your solar energy generation.

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SIGMA Independent Tracking System®

SIGMA ITS provides an integrated solution for EPCs and plant operators seeking greater tracking accuracy and seamless drive communications.

SIGMA independent solar tracking system (ITS) developed by Sat Control is the universal solution for control and monitoring of dual- and single-axis solar tracking systems.

It controls the movement of the tracking system in both elevation and azimuthal directions which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. Sigma ITS delivers extreme precision and complete supervision of the trackers in photovoltaic (PV), concentrated solar power (CSP) and heliostat plants.

Sat Control positioning system
Remote Monitoring

Access comprehensive tracking settings and history logs via Sigma web server from any location remotely. SMTP notifications ensure live status updates so you are always up to date with the current status of the tracking system.

Positioning System

Time-derived astronomical algorithm with high precision of 0,1 ° Suitable for PV, CSP and heliostat plants. Works with any tracker geometry. Equipped with advanced settings and smart functions to ensure the maximisation of the yield of the plant.

Tracker Models (Geometries)

Select the geometry depending on the application and the location of the plant. 1-axis and 2-axis models available.

Full Integrability

Sigma Server sets new communication standard in the field of automation technology. With fast and easy installation, Sigma system can be easily integrated into the existing control room technology. It enables simple and reliable data exchange between components and applications, supporting 1- and 2-axis trackers.


Seamlessly execute the commands onto any type of drives. Zigbee wireless ensures added protection and shorter installation time with less cables. Wide selection of drives to suit any tracker model. DC linear, BLDC brushless and slewing drives available.


Wide selection of drives to suit any tracker model. DC linear, BLDC brushless and slewing drives available.


Access tracking setup, functions and history logs remotely. SMTP notifications provide live status updates in case of an emergency.


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