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Flat Ballast Concrete

The mounting structure Is designed and manufactured for Installing solar panels onto tiled roofs offering a non-penetrative solution, Ideal and adjustable for all types of roof tiles.

flat concrete roof ballast featured

The Valsa Flat Ballast Concrete roof mounting structure provides a solution for installing solar panels onto at concrete roofs, as part of the structure of the building. The solution uses a ballast non-penetrating method and is suitable for commercial, industrial, and domestic buildings and maximises the harvesting of photovoltaic power.

It is a simple and versatile solution with all the components tested and approved by South Africa roof manufacturers which ensures that the roof warranties and guaranties remain intact for the PV solar installation.

The solution has been designed and manufactured to SABS standards, is in line with SANS regulations and take African building regulations into consideration. The roof mounting structure solution is ideally suited for African weather conditions.

Custom made solutions can be designed and manufactured on request.

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