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Facade and BIPV Solutions

Explore Valsa’s innovative solar facade mounting solution designed to transform high-rise buildings. Our solution allows for the integration of solar panels into the glass facade or as a second skin on existing facades, ensuring optimal solar power generation while maintaining the architectural beauty of the building. Discover how our solar facade solution can optimise energy production.

facade mounting featured

The Facade and Build In PV (BIPV) Solar Solutions are ideal for high rise buildings with limited roof space or where roof space is cluttered with other services. It offers an alternative solution for PV Solar harvesting and maintains the architectural integrity of the building can utilise speaks and parts of buildings and architecture, which provide additional opportunity to place PV Solar, where space is not available or not enough for the power needs of the building.

The Valsa Facade Mounting Structure solution

The PV Solar panels can be integrated into the glass facade of the building or form a second skin on the existing facade.

This new photovoltaic installation combines high-level technical solutions with modern design.

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