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Make certain that your solar panels stay put!

The realisation by business owners and residents that the loadshedding challenge is not going to be solved anytime soon has resulted in a huge demand in the supply and installation of mainly rooftop solar, with many ‘so called’ installers, with little or no experience, jumping on the band waggon in the anticipation of a quick buck.

Svilen Voychev, CEO at Valsa Trading, explains that never has there been a better time to emphasise the old adages, ‘buyer beware’, and as Benjamin Franklin said: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

“For the vast majority of potential buyers, their ignorance of both the mechanical and electrical aspects of a solar installation make them vulnerable to any potential installer and due diligence is the watchword as it’s difficult to tell a ‘Johnny come Lately’ from an experienced installer.

“Having a qualified and certified electrician to handle the electrical component of the solar installation is one thing but ensuring that the panels are correctly and securely mounted is vital for dependable, safe and long-lasting solar performance,” he adds.


Valsa Trading has been a manufacturer and supplier of PV solar mounting solutions since its establishment 14 years ago in 2009, offering the widest range of tried and tested products designed to meet the needs of both businesses and homeowners looking to install solar power. It’s solutions are designed for easy installation, durable, and highly effective, ensuring customers achieve their energy goals while reducing their environmental impact.


A solar array doesn’t just mean rooftop mounted but can also be for ground, pole or even a floating installation and Valsa offers a solution to meet any application, whether its static solar panels in a field, on a hillside, in a backyard, or even a single or dual axis tracker, its ground-mounted systems can be customized to suit a specific need, Voychev explains. “Corrosion resistant ground mounted panel systems are robustly constructed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, mitigating damage to panels during storms, high winds, or heavy snowfall.”

He says that Valsa’s roof-mounted solar panel system is designed for easy installation, with a range of customizable components that make it suitable for almost any roof type of construction – tile, thatch or IBR – or configuration – a flat roof, a sloping roof, or a complex roof design, its roof-mounted systems are infinitely adaptable.


“Not only a perfect fit, our roof-mounting system is also highly efficient, with a streamlined design that allows the panels to capture the greatest amount of sunlight, ensuring the maximum amount of energy generated per panel,” adds Voychev.

“With a commitment to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact, Valsa Trading’s products and services are eco-friendly and include a solar panel recycling programme where end of lifespan panels are safely and responsibly recycled, ensuring that they don’t end up in landfills or harm the environment.”

In addition to its PV solar mounting solutions, a range of complementary products and services are offered ,which includes a solar panel cleaning service, which helps to keep panels operating at peak efficiency, and solar monitoring systems, which allow customers to track their energy generation and usage in real-time.


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