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PV Plants

The most important aspect of any photovoltaic installation is the mounting structure solution that holds the PV solar panels in place and fixes the panels to the roof, ground, carport or other areas as per site specifications.

It is the mounting structure solution that provides the perfect tilt angle for the solar panels to optimise the energy production through solar irradiation.

PV Solar Panels

Valsa offers a range of Polycrystaline panels designed for both Grid Tie and off Grid applications. The Polycrystaline panels are constructed, utilizing the highest quality matarials and are CE certified according to the IEC61215-1995 standards. All panels supplied by Valsa are covered by a 25-year limited warranty and are expected to last in excess of 30 years. For specialized applications, Valsa can supply Monocrystaline, Thin film and Bifacial technologies.


PV Solar Components

The following PV Solar components are also available from Valsa Trading:

sun bullet  PV Solar panels

sun bullet  Inverters

sun bullet  Batteries

sun bullet  Monitoring systems

sun bullet  Cables

sun bullet  Connectors

sun bullet  Combiner boxes

sun bullet  Pre-assembled back plate kits

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PV solar mounting system solutions

The following mounting system solutions are available:

sun bullet  Roof top application

sun bullet  Ground mount application

sun bullet  Carport application

sun bullet  Canopy or container application

sun bullet  Tensile cable application

sun bullet  Façade application

sun bullet  Solar integrated roof application

PV solar mounting systems

Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels offer a green and efficient way to harness power from the sun. The most important part of the photovoltaic installation is the mounting structure solution that holds the PV solar panels in place and fixes the plant to a roof, the ground or a carport. It is the mounting structure solution that provides the perfect tilt angle for the solar panels to optimise energy production through solar irradiation throughout the year.

Valsa specialises in mounting structure solutions, these solutions can either be custom designed to site specifications or the customer’s needs:

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The Roof Mounting Structure provides a solution for the installation of solar panels, as part of the structure of the building, onto all types of roofs found on      commercial, industrial, and domestic buildings while maximising the harvesting of photovoltaic power without compromising the integrity of the roof.

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Ground Mounting Structure provides the ideal option for installations on the ground. This quick-install, secure structure for PV Solar panels comes in three        different mounting options; concrete slab, concrete strips and pilings.

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  The Valsa Solar Carport which has a dual purpose in that it combines the harvesting of photovoltaic power with the need for shade and protection of staff          and visitor vehicles. It can also incorporate LED lighting and solar charge stations for electrical vehicles. We offer Galvanized, Aluminium Cantilever and Non-        standard Aluminium carport solutions. The size of the desired system and site specification(or conditions) will determine the type of solution. 

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 The Tensile steel Cable solution is a versatile alternative to the traditional mounting structures. Photovoltaic panels are hooked onto the steel wire ropes with special hooks for a quick and easy installation. Cable height can be adjusted to accommodate obstructions specific to the site. 

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Solrif or Integrated PV solar roof.

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A new solution called Façade utilises not only the roof, but also all or some of the sides of the building. This improves the harvesting of photovoltaic power while achieving an architecturally and aesthetically pleasing design.

During the design phase of a PV Solar installation various specific technical decisions are made with regards to the system and its components.



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