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Lithium-Ion Battery Solar MD SS4037

The SS4037 relies on Lithium Iron-Phosphate battery for streamlined energy storage. The flexible modular design enables it to be set up with 1 to 6 batteries on the wall (3.7- 22.2kWh) The mypower24 3.7k features different storage capacities, according to user requirements.  Capacity can be increased through parallel connection of the batteries.



Exterior Lithium-Ion Battery Solar MD SS202


Lithium-Ion Battery Solar MD SS202

The Solar MD standard battery - SS202 has been widely used in energy storage applications in the African market. The battery is produced with world leading LiFEPO4 tegnology.


sun bullet  Stable discharge platform

sun bullet  Safe Design

sun bullet  Long lifecycle

sun bullet  High temperature performance range

sun bullet  High energy density 

sun bullet  High charge and discharge rate

sun bullet  High efficiency 

sun bullet  No pollution or gasses 


MSS Smart Storage Solution

The MSS uses Lithium Iron-Phosphate technology to deliver a streamlined energy storage solution. A flexible, modular design allows for up to 3 different storage capacities, (i.e. 7.4kWh, 14.8kWh or 22.2kWh). Capacity can be increased further through parallel connections with additional MSS (up to 660kWh).

System Features:

sun bullet  Ideal for industrial, commercial or residential applications

sun bullet  Easy to install

sun bullet  Modular design

sun bullet  Supports parallel system connection

sun bullet  Supports CAN communication

Battery Features:

sun bullet  High energy density

sun bullet   High charge and discharge rate

sun bullet   High efficiency performance

sun bullet   Stable discharge platform 

sun bullet   Excellent safety

sun bullet   Long life cycle

sun bullet   High temperature performance 




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