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IBR metal roof solar mounting (pv panel) application - SunNet roof 

Brief overview of the IBR metal roof solar mounting solution:

The IBR solar roof mounting solution is a fast and reliable installation solution. It uses tensile cables which are internationally patented as part of the SunNet roof solar mounting solution from A+SunSystems.

This pv panel solar mounting structure for IBR roofing is internationally patented, easy reliable and fast to install using an anchor fixing point on the end of the roof, thereafter placing the pv solar panels in position, making the installation of the mounting structure on pv solar plants easy, fast and reliable, 


 With the IBR metal roof solar panel mounting solution there is no limitation of lent of the array and less preparation required. Application with no ballast and no limits.




Benefits of the IBR metal roof solar solution


  Fast to install 

  Very light and minimum weight

  No drilling to roof membrane (site dependant)

  Allow installation on roofs with static loads

  Flexible and universal design for great result


Advantages the IBR metal roof solar solution


  No maintenance required

  Compact, light and easy to transport

  Flexible and proved resistance to wind forces

  Universal and custom design for any application

  No alteration on water drainage and roof membrane

1. Fixing points on the end to accommodate shape of the IBR metal sheeting 

2. Setting up the array in correct position

3. Tensioning the cable to required strength for best performance



4. Installing holding brackets on the panel and placing pv panel in position




5. Completion installation on metal sheet IBR roof application


IBR metal roof - free standing solar panel installation with additional tilt

Brief overview of the flat application mounting solution: 

In South Africa and Southern Africa is various types of roofs on commercial, industrial and domestic buildings. We offer simple and versatile solutions for all type of roofs. All solar components for different types of roofs are been tested from South African roof manufacturers and been approved as compliant in order to not avoid the roof warranties and guaranties in line with new pv solar installation on existing and new roofs. Mounting structure material is designed and manufacture with the SABS code of standard and in line of SANS regulations.  



  Mounting structure solutions for flat roads

  Easy and quick installation

  Additional tilt of panels for better performance

  Standard solutions for all different site specifics

  Flexible design for better pv solar performance 




  Aluminium structure (Alloy6063) long lifespan

  Aluminium brackets where panels are fixed

  Stainless steel fixing components

  High quality of the material

  Structurally engineering compliant

1. Setting up the arrays of the pv solar plant and fixing the holding brackets with screws or rivenuts

2. Erecting the uprights for the free standing structure to desired tilt 

3. Installation of all supporting uprights of the array

4. Installation of the top profiles for supporting the pv solar panels 

5. Completion of installation of all arrays with uprights and supporting profiles for pv solar panels 

6. Installation of the U and Z shape brackets for holding the pv solar panels 

7. Placing pv solar panels on position 

8. Completion of the installation on pv solar panels



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