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Tiled roof solar mounting structure -  flat applications (following the slope of the roof) 

Solar mounting structures for tiled roofs:

Tiled roof solar panel mounting structures are needed for commercial, industrial and domestic roofs. Each roof type has unique structural properties and risks which need specific solar mounting structures for that roof-type. Valsa supplier solar mounting structures for tiled roofs, and supplies resellers with mounting structures for tiled roofs to cater for hte uniques speifications needed in these PV panel applications. Considerations involved in tiled roof PV panel applications include potential cracking of tiles, placement or the solar panels for maximum solar energy.

Valsa offers simple and versatile solutions for all type of roofs. All components for different types of roofs are been tested from South African roof manufacturers and been approved as compliant in order to not avoid the roof warranties and guaranties in line with new pv solar installation on existing and new roofs. Mounting structure material is been design and manufacture with the SABS code of standard and in line of SANS regulations.




Benefits of the flat domestic tile roof solar mounting solution:


  Mounting structure solutions for all type of roofs

  Easy and quick installation

  High quality of the material

  Standard solutions for all site specifics

  Structurally engineering compliant 

Advantages of the flat domestic tile roof solar mounting solution:


  Aluminium structure (Alloy6063) long lifespan

  Aluminium brackets where panels are fixed

  Stainless steel fixing components

  Easy mechanical assembling 

  Flexible design for better pv solar performance 


1. Setting up position of the roof brackets in line with pv solar panels lay out 

2. Installation of the roof brackets or to domestic tile type of roofs 


3. Installation of top aluminium profiles (railings) rectangular and square types of aluminium profiles (railing) available-for different application 



4. Place pv solar panels in position and fixing with brackets to the aluminium profile




Z shape bracket (end clamp)




U shape brackets-(middle clamp) 


5. Fixing the panels with U and Z shape brackets



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