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DC combiner box for solar panel invertors

DC Combiner Box 

The DC combiner box combines the output of multiple strings of PV modules for connection to the inverter. It is typically used in the larger commercial and utility scale PV power plants (greater than 500kW).




  1000VDC gPV Fuse holder

  1000V Surge Protector (type 2)

  Individually certified and tested

  Halogen-free plastic Enclosure

  PC tinted window, with UV protection

  From 2 to 12 strings available


 Description  3 String  4 String  5 String  6 String
Colour RAL 7035 Grey
Dimensions, D x W x H 118mm x 238mm x 231mm 148mm x 310mm x 246mm
Weight 1.05 1.4
Resistance to impact IK08
Glow wire resistance 650°C
Ball Pressure Test 70°C
Ambient Temperature Range -25°C / +40°C

                                                                                  Size and dimension of DC combiner box might vary for different number of strings.

AC Combiner Box

AC Combiner Box

The Ac combiner box is the connection between mains power and inverter. Inverter controls bypass contactor inside AC combiner box.



  Input Breaker

  Output Breaker

  Automatic Bypass Contactor

  Halogen-free plastic Enclosure

  PC tinted window, with UV protection



Valsa is based in Johannesburg and supplies AC and DC combiner boxes throughout South Africa into Africa


Various sizes available for AC combiner box



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