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Valsa offers a full range of standard and custom designed solutions, suitable for African conditions, are site specific and meet customer’s requirements.

Roof Mounting

  • Installation of solar panels onto all types of roofs, as part of the structure of commercial, industrial and domestic buildings.
  • Maximising the harvesting of photovoltaic power without compromising the integrity of the roof.

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Ground Mounting 

  • Ideal option for installations on the ground.
  • Quick-install, secure structure for PV Solar panels comes in four different  options;  concrete slab, façade fill, concrete strips and pilings.

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Single row

Double row


Solar Carport

  • Various options are available  - Galvanized, Aluminium Cantilever and Non-standard Aluminium carport solutions
  • Dual purpose combines the harvesting of photovoltaic power with the need for shade and protection of vehicles.
  • Incorporate LED lighting and solar charge stations for electrical vehicles. 

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Generic Carport Solar

Aluminium Cantilever

Galvanised Steel

Aluminium non-standard


Tensile steel cable solution

  • Versatile alternative to the traditional mounting structures.
  • Photovoltaic panels are hooked onto the steel wire ropes with special hooks for a quick and easy installation. Cable height can be adjusted to accommodate obstructions specific to the site.

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Solrif or Façade solution

  • New integrated PV solar roof solution utilises not only the roof, but all or some of the sides of the building.
  • Architecturally and aesthetically pleasing installation for harvesting photovoltaic power.  

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Fast delivery service

Fast delivery times due to local production and sufficient stockholdings of standard solutions.


 Estimated delivery time

 Roof top

 0 - 1 week

 Ground Mount

 0 – 3 weeks


 2-3 weeks


 2-3 wees

 Tensile cable

 6-8 weeks


 8-10 weeks

 Solar integrated roof

 6-10 weeks


Delivery and shipping service

Reputable transport companies and delivery services enable Valsa to deliver products globally.

Quality assurance

Valsa carefully selects all products distributed through the Valsa network to ensure durability, suitability to Africa, flexibility and ease of installations.  

Independent third-party testing is conducted to provide quality assurance.


Valsa works closely with roof manufacturers and structural engineers to meet   SANS (South African National Standards) and client requirements.


Aluminium and Metal products are produced to specification and carry their own warranties.


Membership and association

Partnership agreements

International partnership agreements enable Valsa to offer a comprehensive range of mounting system solutions.





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