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Future proofing your business’s energy needs

Asset financing gives access to PV Solar without a large cash outlay and monthly instalments are tax-deductible.

There are no hidden costs and payments are fixed for the full period of the agreement. Instalments are paid directly to the asset finance provider and the repayment period is agreed upfront between the finance provider and the client.

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Valsa’s funding process:

After consultation, Valsa will provide a complete design and value for funding submission and advise on a qualified installer.

The application will be submitted for approval to a finance service provider and once approved work can start. On satisfactory completion, the finance service provider settles the cost of the installed system with the relevant parties and the client’s payment plan initiated.

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Don’t put your business future at risk by being held hostage by loadshedding! Attractive financing packages and friendly, qualified Valsa personnel guide you through this easy way to energy independence.