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You CAN afford solar PV!

Valsa is your trusted partner in providing hassle-free financing solutions for solar PV installations. If you’re looking to adopt clean energy and reduce your electricity bills, we have flexible financing options available to make solar power accessible to you. With Valsa’s financing solutions, you can enjoy the benefits of solar energy without the upfront costs. Our financing packages are designed to meet the needs of both businesses and individuals, offering asset financing for businesses and simple, affordable financing for individuals. Take the first step towards sustainable energy and explore Valsa’s hassle-free financing solutions for your solar PV installation.

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In addition to solving the loadshedding headache, energy generated from your PV Solar system drastically cuts your electricity bill now and helps insulate you from further inevitable increases in the cost of electricity. 

Quality manufacture results in reliability factors of up to 25 years for panels and extended warranties on batteries and inverters brings peace of mind for up to 10 years and solar systems are so reliable as required only minimal seasonal maintenance.

Funding for solar installations whether business or residential is now readily available and recently announced tax incentives make solar PV a reality for many. Funding packages from Valsa and its accredited partners include service and maintenance contracts for peace of mind and to keep your solar installation in peak operating condition.

Solar Solutions for Businesses

Asset financing gives access to PV Solar without a large cash outlay and monthly instalments are tax-deductible.

Solar Solutions for Individuals

Simple, affordable financing brings complete solar independence for you and your family