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Solar systems distributor Johannesburg South Africa

Solar panels distributor,  off-grid solar system solutions,
solar panel inverters, solar mounting structures

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Valsa Sustainability Solutions is a solar system distributor, supplying solar Mounting Structures to

resellers, installers and clients installing solar systems for homes and businesses.  We are based in Johannesburg

and supply throughout South Africa and Africa.

Valsa specialises in supplying solar systems with unique solar system mounting requirements for almost

any application (PV Solar Systems).

As a solar systems supplier, our products include providing local solar system components for most of

the "Roof Top Solar", "Carport Solar" and "Ground Solar" applications, being the leaders driving

the PV Solar energy systems, and solar components Industry.

As a solar system products distributor our solar components and profiles include, but not limited to:

sun bullet  Solar mounting brackets

sun bullet  Structural rails

sun bullet  Solar panel clamps

sun bullet  Solar cables

sun bullet  Solar panels (PV panels)

sun bullet  Solar Invertors

sun bullet  Solar system design components

sun bullet  Solar mounting structures

sun bullet  Solar system components for different roof types and applications


For our full range of solar system components and mounting structures, please see our catalogue below.


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solar kits

Cables and Batteries




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Solar system products distributor South Africa

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