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Make each solar project a success, and get the best PV solar products, mounts and guidance from Valsa.

Locally Designed & Manufactured

Solar Mounting Structures

We are committed to providing innovative and reliable PV solar mounting solutions that enable you to harness the power of the sun efficiently. Our cutting-edge technology and extensive expertise in the solar industry make us the ideal partner for all your solar installation needs.
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Roof Mounting Solutions

Enhance your solar power generation with Valsa’s Roof Mounting Solutions.

Our innovative and adjustable structures cater to different roof types, such as tiled, IBR, slate, and corrugated roofs.

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Carport Mounting Solutions

Discover Valsa’s Carport Mounting Solutions for efficient solar panel installations.

Explore our range of non-standard aluminium, aluminum cantilever, and galvanized steel structures for optimal performance and easy installation.

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Ground Mounting Solutions

Explore Valsa’s Solar Ground Mounting Solutions our single and double row structures.

Quick to install and secure, these structures are ideal for maximising ground space utilisations.

High-Quality, Internationally Recognised

PV Solar Products

We provide a comprehensive range of quality solar energy products including solar panels, inverters, batteries, AC and DC combiner boxes, cables and housing, surge protection, PV Solar kits, power tools and other accessories.

For All Your Premium
Solar PV

We believe you shouldn’t have to be a seasoned solar veteran to do a quality job. Every solar installer, no matter their experience level, deserves access to the best products and expert guidance. We get it, because we’ve been where you are – up on the roof, sweating it out to install everything perfectly.

We’ve spent 14 years in the industry, developing state-of-the-art solutions, and offering support that makes a real difference.


Locally Manufactured

All our solar mounting structures are locally designed and manufactured with aluminium and galvanised steel.

Turn-key PV Solutions

Not only do we provide quality PV products to our clients, but we also assist with design & engineering requirments.

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Register as an Installer today and have access to unmatched quality products quality solar products from around the world.

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